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To avoid any trouble, you need to know some basic information about Goa and nearby towns. Here are some helpful tips which might help you while travelling to Goa.

Do's & Dont's while travelling to Goa

  1. Carry your wallet in the inside jacket or side trouser pocket, never in the rear pocket.
  2. While travelling, hold pocketbooks close to your body. If it has a strap, then wrap it around the bag.
  3. Carry a credit card & cash in your pocket.
  4. Do not leave valuables, important documents, passports unattended in your room. Please keep them in the hotel's locker.
  5. Do not carry large amounts of money. Plastic money is preferable.
  6. Do not open the hotel room door to unknown people/strangers. Contact the front desk/reception in case of any doubts.
  7. In case of business meetings, carry out thorough research about the company and the client. Never hold meetings at unknown places.
  8. While checking in and checking out, hand over the luggage to only official hotel bell porters. Do not leave luggage unattended at public places like airports & taxi stands.
  9. Cheap means of transport via Kadamba Transport Service (KTC) is available throughout Goa. In addition, public ferry services operate at major points in the state.
  10. For exploring Goa, hire a bike instead of a car.


The local currency in India is INR. There are many banks and exchange counters where foreign currency can be exchanged. Most of the hotels have in-house exchange counters. Credit cards are accepted at shopping centres and restaurants.

What to wear & when to travel

  1. As Goa experiences a hot and humid climate throughout the year, Cotton wear is most suitable
  2. Keep hats, sunglasses, and sun protection gear handy because temperatures can reach up to 37°C (98.6°F) during summer. Winters in the inner areas of Goa are chilly. So do not forget your winter wear if travelling during the winter season.
  3. Beachwear like bikinis, monokinis are allowed on Goa beaches. So carry a bright set along with you. Even you can buy it from local shops in Goa.
  4. Goa has a hot & humid climate for most of the year, and May is the hottest month. The tourist season is from October to February when there is no rain, humidity is at its lowest, and it's not too hot either.